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About Us

SC-Contact-WEBSwiss Clinic is a revolutionary new line of naturally formulated products.
Each product provides a unique combination of ingredients that deliver results without the harmful effects of chemicals and hormones.
Each product contains limited number of ingredients that are formulated to work synergistically for maximum results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Once I start using my Swiss Clinic products, how long should it last?
With proper recommended usage levels, your product should last 4-6 weeks.

How can I receive advice on Swiss Clinic products?
To receive assistance on Swiss Clinic products, consult our Beauty Advisors in any spa or skin health centre that carries Swiss Clinic product. Please use the contact us for if you would like to receive more information.


Do any of the products contain hormones or parabens?

How can I stay informed with what’s going on at Swiss Clinic?
Sign up on our website to receive exclusive information about Swiss Clinic in-store events, new products and special offers.
Are Swiss Clinic products tested on animals?
Swiss Clinic does not test on animals. We test our products on human subject who volunteer for our product trials.