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Cil De Luxe – Enhancer


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With naturally long and thick lashes, there is less or no need for a mascara, artificial eyelashes or radical lash surgery. By naturally fortifying your lashes using our delicately formulated eye lash enhancer serum you will satisfy your sensual femininity to have sexier and longer lashes.

Swiss Clinic’s duo-peptide formula is an amazing lash serum naturally formulated to enhance the length & thickness of your eyelashes. In addition to the duo peptide, we use nutrient rich serum that contains high concentrations of grape stem cell extract.

This nutritious serum provides the right foundation for lashes to get longer and thicker. As a result, you can safely improve the foundation of your lashes and have a fuller and wider lash appearance.


  • Longer, wider and stronger lashes
  • Enhances lash growth
  • Healthier looking eyelids



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